Youthful Vigor Easy Lifestyle Changes to Counter Premature Aging ...


Youthful Vigor Easy Lifestyle Changes to Counter Premature Aging ...

For far too long, we have been obsessed with the idea of obtaining eternal youth. The manifestation of this desire has lead to a range of fictional-fables that explore the relationship between humanity and the fountain of youth, and invasive surgeries that we undergo for the restructuring of our skin and limbs when old-age strengthens its grip.

Delaying aging does not come about easily. This is a biological and physiological process that is a consequence of seismic shifts that our body goes through naturally, but by adopting the right habits from an early, we can surely stall the onset of frailing skin, and stooping energy levels.

It is not one plastic surgery that will give you the perfect radiant skin when embracing old-age, rather a healthy habit that helped your body cope with shifting trends. The downside of artificial procedures is the withdrawal effect that they leave - when the effects of the procedure start to wither out, its time to get a new one with even higher potency.

To root out the emotional and material investment of artificial anti-aging procedures, and to naturally assist in the delaying of aging, these are the habits that all of us should adopt from today.

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Saying No to Saturated Fat

This might sound really cliched, but in order to age like a Queen or King, lose the cake and ice cream, and cut down on red meat. Saturated fats are extremely easy to digest, which leads to an increase in fat deposits in our arteries and body. The difficulty in regulating our blood pressure and the onset of cardiovascular disease is also associated with high intakes of saturated fat.

There is always an alternative source of nutrition. Consuming more complex carbs such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables as well as omega-3 fats the likes of those found in fatty fish assist our body in maintaining its youthful vibrance and energy. These fats also help keep oxygen-free molecules from damaging the tissues in our body.


Health Supplements

Most of us have access to food security, and the privilege to stay satiated throughout our days. But amidst the noise of over-consumption, we suffer from ‘’overconsumption malnutrition’’- a condition in which we eat way too much, but none of the good stuff. In recent years, our food culture has evolved into one that is completely devoid of enriching nutrients.

The American Medical Association endorsed taking a multivitamin every day. With increasing research in novel medical treatments, such as Stem Cell Therapy brands like Purtier have co-opted the power of placenta living cells and made a health supplement by combining essential nutrients. The massive demand for this life-altering substance has kept the Purtier Placenta Singapore price reasonably affordable for everyday usage.


Letting Go of Negative Emotions

Life is a journey riled with experiences that render our psyche with unimaginable weight. The weight of a breakup, the pain of losing a loved one, or any other thing we hold dear can generate feelings of guilt that drag us down. Premature aging preys on our emotions. To stall the symptoms of old age, kicking the guilt out of life is a pre-requisite.

People that have a positive outlook of life can continuously evolve, and evolving and changing is how we stay young and equipped with the resolve to counter the grip of old age and its fragility.


Not Fearing Big Changes

The day we start feeling old is the one we lose out on our youthful vigor. How many times have we heard people re-iterating the phrase ‘’But I cannot do that because I am too old’’. Getting rid of the fear of making big changes in life is essential to delay the onset of aging. The mind controls the body, and it's time we control ours!

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