3 Reasons You Need to Get RoyalBaby Sliding to Pedaling EZ 2-in-1 Kids Bike

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3 Reasons You Need to Get RoyalBaby Sliding to Pedaling EZ 2-in-1 Kids Bike

We are not living in the 80’s, and as much as training wheels for kids' bikes are a hassle, they are not efficient in the learning process. Learning to ride a bike is about balance, and training wheels make kids dependent on extra resources, rather than giving them the necessary confidence. To deal with the fear and confidence it takes to ride a bike, the RoyalBaby EZ 2-in-1 bike comes with unique “sliding before riding” features that help in better learning, and also reduce the time to become an expert rider.

The good news for enthusiastic kids and parents, especially the ones who encourage sports, and physical fitness in kids from an early age, the EZ 2-in-1 balance pedal bike is a lifesaver. In addition to sports-enthusiastic families, the EZ bike offers a great for children with disabilities, and slower motor skills, keeping safety and security in mind.

The good news is that in addition to the $25 coupon, the RoyalBaby EZ bike is currently at 15% off, coming at a price of $169.99.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, the RoyalBaby offers a unique bike for children’s first experience riding a bike.

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Why 2-in-1 EZ Bike is the right choice for your kids?

Riding a bike is not only about practice but mainly about the confidence it needs to balance the bike, and training wheels become an obstacle in boosting that confidence. It takes more time to let go of training wheels than it takes to learn to ride a bike.

Sliding to Pedaling:

The RoyalBaby 2-in-1 EZ bike offers a unique and fun way of learning for kids how to balance on a bike at an early age. The “Sliding before Riding” feature allows kids to start with sliding and then progress to riding a bike without any need for additional help.

The EZ bike is designed to remove the need for training wheels, it prevents any interruptions and hassle in the learning process.

Learning the Art of Balancing:

It encourages kids in their beginner stages to work particularly on their balancing skills. Transitioning from the sliding feature to peddling allows children to effortlessly and swiftly adapt to pedaling with increased confidence. RoyalBaby EZ bike for kids enhances the learning and riding experience for children by reducing the time to learn and encouraging safer practices, all while improving balance skills.

1 Click Quick Release Crank System:

What is better than kids handing their bike, not only when it comes to riding, but also when it comes to making little adjustments?

RoyalBaby 2-in-1 bike offers the easiest and quickest sliding to pedaling transformation of the bike with the click of one button. It is not only helpful in quicker and self-sufficient switching between two modes, but also ensures the safety of the child.

The transformative quick-release crank system can seamlessly change between a pedal bike and a balance bike with quick-release crank pedals and footrests.


Who is the 2-in-1 EZ Bike Best For?

RoyalBaby 2-in-1 EZ Bike comes as a great help for parents who want to promote healthy fun activities in their kids' lives. Likewise, for the kids who feel hesitant to practice riding, find it difficult to balance, and also the kids who have some disabilities.

It features a lower bottom bracket, which is closer to the ground, which increases confidence in kids. With a lower bracket, kids can touch the ground at any time, rather than swirling here and there, struggling to find the balance.

In contrast to bikes with training wheels, the EZ 2-in-1 bike allows kids to completely rely on themselves in the safest and easiest possible way - which also provides a safe space for kids with slower motor skills. The right balancing bike can help them gain balance at any time.


What Should You Know Before Buying A bike?

It’s not only about the style, and design. A good efficient bike offers design and functionality, along with quality. RoyalBaby EZ bike comes in great designs, bike accessories, and high-end quality at a significantly affordable price for everyone.

Dependable Functionality

RoyalBaby offers great quality and fully packed features in a bike without breaking the bank. For families who encourage value for money, this bike is the best choice for the money. Giving your kids a quality bike to learn and ride, along with long-life sturdy construction, and eye-catching designs, RoyalBaby makes your dream come true at an astoundingly affordable price of $199 –currently at 15% off. This means that you have the chance to get it now at an even more affordable price of $169.99.

In addition to 15% off, you can also avail $25 using a discount coupon above.

One Tool Assembly

The frustration of assembling a bike is understandable, and so is the hassle. This bike luckily has the easiest assembly. All you need is a screwdriver to tighten just one stem bolt. For the sliding to pedaling, it offers a 1-click transformative button, which gets you a pedal bike from a sliding bike in a second.


Features You Do not Want to Miss!

The EZ 2-in-1 bike makes it really easy! Keeping children and their learning needs in mind, the RoyalBaby 2-in-1 kids bike has made the most fun and stylish, yet efficient learning bike. It not only turns all eyes around, but also provides a stable, and encouraging balancing ride for beginners.

Design To Drool for: Every kid is going to get enchanted by the RoyalBaby EZ bike for its magnificent paintwork that catches every eye. There is no chance that your kid rides this bike and does turn heads around. Giving that confidence, in addition to a cool design, it offers a convenient jet-style water bottle, which is a great riding companion.

Smooth Riding Experience: Featuring sealed bearings, this bike offers a frictionless smooth riding experience for kids, without needing high maintenance.

Brake to Safety: Short-pull lever brake is practically and particularly made for kids and their short hands. It adds additional safety for kids who are riding a bike for the first time, are in their training stage, need more practice, or just want a good ride for themselves.

There is no right time to start healthy activity for your kids, but there is the right choice of bike that can make your kids learning and riding experience smooth, fun, stylish, and practical.

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